Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Pagan Jewellery store

My Pagan Jewellery  
My Pagan Jewellery (or Jewelry)site has become possible because of new software facilities on CafePress, my approach to creating affordable Pagan Jewellery has been to apply my own artwork to what is mostly aluminium pendants and earrings, some of it is only loosely associated with Paganism but mostly it will appeal to Wiccans and Witches with some unusual Pentacles or Pentagrams, mythical animals and Witch paintings. All this Jewellery is illustrated, plain silver or gold doesn't exist on it. It's been a great creative outlet too!
I've since added some items that may appeal to Shamans, Druids and Beachcomber's also 


  1. The collection is growing, I'm limited to what images I can use as these items will only use a detail of them rather than the whole painting...glad a Pentagram in circular!


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