Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Here we go gathering Knots of May...

Hello've you all been?
I wanted to show off this lovely piece ages ago but I'm so far behind with everything!
Never mind...better late than never eh?

This glass work is made by the wonderfully talented Amanda who makes stained glass and also jewellery which all have a pagan twist and can be viewed on her website Amandala

This is what Amanda has to say about this piece...
'This goddess is based on the St Ives Shelagh na Gigs which unfortunately is now lost. She is maybe in some private collection or residing in a garden somewhere.'

I thought showing this to you all would make up for me being absent for Beltane (Long story :o( )
So...what more can I say...she's just beautiful!

Oh yes...hope you all enjoyed bringing in the May....wink wink :o)


  1. Nice work on a site full of that.
    I like the stained glass Cornish Chough best.


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