Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Yellowhammer Reclaimed

The Yellowhammer Reclaimed

I had trouble deciding whether to put this in the Pagan or Modern section of my website! In the end I chose the latter, the above picture links to it. This is a painting with a mission, in the past in Scotland, and the area around Prague this Small bird, of the Bunting family was called what it was believed to be, the Devils bird! It would be killed and it's nests destroyed when found by the ignorant of which there was no short supply in centuries past. As with all my modern avian paintings I have used the topic birds own colours, as the inverted pentagram, stolen from Wicca where it has it's own purpose, is the favoured symbol of Satanism, the upright Pentagram has been placed over the painting. No...the Yellowhammer is not the property of what I for one think is a non existent demon! Call it eccentric and I won't argue, I still had to paint it, and got up in the night to do that!

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  1. Lovely painting again George!
    You know up until fairly recently it was common for folks (boys usually) to be paid to smash the birds, eggs and nests of any Yellow Hammers, country folks eh?
    We have loads here, they sing their 'Little bit of bread and no cheese' every day and then go and hide in the gorse away from the nest smashers!
    The countryside council lot want us to grub out the gorse as it's a pest (to them) but we love the birds which all live in it so they can p*** off (if you get my meaning ;o)
    We even feed them, they look like fat budgies on the ground eating with the others :o)
    How can folks be so silly as to kill them?
    Oh look at me rambling again!
    Thanks for sharing Seawitch ;o)


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