Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Yellowhammer Reclaimed

The Yellowhammer Reclaimed

I had trouble deciding whether to put this in the Pagan or Modern section of my website! In the end I chose the latter, the above picture links to it. This is a painting with a mission, in the past in Scotland, and the area around Prague this Small bird, of the Bunting family was called what it was believed to be, the Devils bird! It would be killed and it's nests destroyed when found by the ignorant of which there was no short supply in centuries past. As with all my modern avian paintings I have used the topic birds own colours, as the inverted pentagram, stolen from Wicca where it has it's own purpose, is the favoured symbol of Satanism, the upright Pentagram has been placed over the painting. No...the Yellowhammer is not the property of what I for one think is a non existent demon! Call it eccentric and I won't argue, I still had to paint it, and got up in the night to do that!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Ancient's knew how to laugh...

Recently...Seawitch...aka George...totally ruined this beautiful picture for me...thanks George!...And the reason?

Think LOL (first and last time I will ever do that silly speak!)

So as it's THAT day...thought it might make you laugh :o)

Seawitch's lovely pictures can be viewed at his website here

Here's what George has to say about his picture...(before he ruined it for everyone! ;o)

Raven at the Men-an-Tol

The Men-an-Tol is one of Britain's smallest Megalithic standing stone sites, but also one of the best known, set in the bleak Cornish landscape it's origins are uncertain, but it was probably an Iron age tomb of around 4,000 years ago, recent research shows it is also part of a stone circle..
The name Men-an-Tol is Cornish language for 'Holed Stone', it has in the past been also known as the 'Devil's eye', and 'Crick stone' because of it's reputation for curing backache.
Children with Rickets and Tuberculosis were for for centuries passed through it's hole three times naked and then through the grass three times anti-clockwise, or Widdershins.
Some quarters say the place protects from witchcraft yet many visitors are Witches and Wiccans.

Have you tried it in a different style?

Added after comments from concerned friends ;o)
Oberon's Wood said...

Ah...seems like I didn't explain myself very well here!
It isn't that we are going to change our blogs in any way!!!
It's just another way to view EVERYONE's blogs...the blogs are the can just add the view modes at the end of the blog address and it will show you another doesn't change the actual blog...thankfully! :o)
And I totally agree with you I love black as a background to art...
And if I had to update things just to see a blog I would leave!
Thanks for the opinions though sweet peas :o)

But I'm not going to change the blogs in any don't worry :o)
Why not have a go and see what your own blog looks like in one of the modes?
I'm not trying to promote Blogger ;o) I'm just open to different ways of seeing our Art :o)

Now here's the original post...

Hi everyone :o)
I was wondering if any of you have tried the new blogger idea of viewing blogs in a different way?
I've just tried it with this blog and it isn't too bad...
I think it needs to have more choice in the colours though...I'm not a big fan of 'white' but it does show the pretty pictures nicely and that has to be good for 'Arty blogs'

If you are all thinking that I have spring on these links to see if it works for you...
although they say it only works if you have 'updated' stuff on your 'puter...well my old girl is a great hulk of a machine and she it must be possible for us 'deprived ones ;o)
Here's the links...let me know how it looks at your end...if you pardon my wording ;o)!/!/!/!/!/

I know there are a lot of them...some not so great...but at least it looks like our blogs will be moving with the times ;o)

I'll be back later with something pretty to look at...just thought it would be better to try this without anything to drool over ;o)...
Bye my pretties :o)