Monday, March 28, 2011

Pagan Art Journaling

If you haven't, I suggest you hop on over to Aradia's Cauldron and take a peek at the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling project.

I started off strong, journaling each week's theme as it was announced, but have since fallen a bit behind due to my recent move. I'm looking forward to catching back up! Here are a peek at some of my pages and their themes, click on the images to view them larger at Flickr:

Letter to self in 5 years (small)
A Letter to Yourself in Five Years

All pages were done with watercolor and ink over an acrylic base inside of an old book titled The Death of a Nobody. Seemed fitting!

So far, it's been a very enriching process; to sit down and think about what each prompt means to me and then let go and let my pencil/brush create the page. It's been sort of meditative for me.

It isn't too late to jump on board; even if you don't fancy yourself to be an 'artist' or 'someone who can draw' you can still give it a shot!


  1. I love your heart, Danni. So real...

  2. These are all so lovely and so you. How special you are. Your art just keeps getting more and more special and spiritual. Hugs, smooches and much appreciation friend of my heart, The Olde Bagg, Linda

  3. Danni...yay...someone else is posting here!!!
    I was just wondering what to pop on here and you already did it...thank you :o)
    The pics look great...I saw them on flickr along with your new house/home...everything looks fab...
    I love the pick on FB of you both next to the big tree...made me feel all mushy...
    Seems that Spring and love are in the air :o)

  4. Thanks Danni. I'm touched by the project/blog love and that my humble little project has spread its wings so far. The more the merrier, varying artistic abilities strongly encouraged!


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