Monday, March 28, 2011

Pagan Art Journaling

If you haven't, I suggest you hop on over to Aradia's Cauldron and take a peek at the 52 Weeks of Pagan Art Journaling project.

I started off strong, journaling each week's theme as it was announced, but have since fallen a bit behind due to my recent move. I'm looking forward to catching back up! Here are a peek at some of my pages and their themes, click on the images to view them larger at Flickr:

Letter to self in 5 years (small)
A Letter to Yourself in Five Years

All pages were done with watercolor and ink over an acrylic base inside of an old book titled The Death of a Nobody. Seemed fitting!

So far, it's been a very enriching process; to sit down and think about what each prompt means to me and then let go and let my pencil/brush create the page. It's been sort of meditative for me.

It isn't too late to jump on board; even if you don't fancy yourself to be an 'artist' or 'someone who can draw' you can still give it a shot!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Spring Equinox Everyone!

I could not resist using Seawitch's beautiful picture so I've 'borrowed' it from Facebook...hope you don't mind George!
If you would like to see more of this extremely talented artist's work then pop over to his website where you can see his collection of work.

And while I'm here (after finally getting my old 'puter back!)
I want to wish everyone a very Happy Eostra (or if you prefer Ostara ;o) )
And as mark the new's raining here :o(
Some things never change...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Something from the past

Reflections of a Chinese Temple

I recently visited a friend of many years and took the opportunity to photograph a painting he got from me, from the time before I even considered getting a computer. It's and acrylic on wood, about a yard long,of a Chinese Ming dynasty temple reflected in a lake. Inspired by a photo in a Spanish language magazine about China given to me by a Red Guard called Lui (I think) when my ship was in Tsing Tao in 1979. I felt I had met up with a long lost friend, the painting I mean, not the red guard!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oma Linda is hosting a Celebrate Oz blog party March 19

Come and Join LindaOma's Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts in the fun of Celebrating all things Wizard of OZ on March 19, 2011.

What you need to do: come to Olde Baggs blog and sign up in the comment section to Celebrate OZ.

- grab the button of the Baby Wicked and Good Witch of OZ, post it on your blog. Start spreading the news and tell others that you are participating in the fun

- be ready on March 19 when folks start coming to your blog to show what you have to offer to Celebrate OZ.

And that offering can be just about anything from a crafted item, collectibles, a tablescape, decorating a space, telling your favorite selection from the movie, the play, the books, or why you love/hate Wizard of OZ in any one of it's incarnations etc.

Anything goes and your imagination will be your guide. Remember, the only rule I ever have is "Nice Matters".

- registration to participate will be open until the event starts but closes that day.

Now fire up your bikes with a basket for Toto, get Auntie Em's thoughts, put on your witch's thinking hat, call up your favorite munchkin for inspiration or book that date with your best pals the scarecrow, lion and tinman. Get ready, get set and......join in.

This yellow brick road will lead us, you and I, to fun, sharing and my very first attempt at hosting a blog party
Celebrate OZ.

And if you have questions.....just contact me.

Friday, March 04, 2011

Pan is such a softie really

PAN member Nydia makes lovely little creations from every colour you can many, that it was hard for me to choose just one to show here...
In the end I decided to go with the title instead of the colour so meet 'Pan'
Couldn't resist him...he's just so cute!
If you would like to meet Nydia she has a blog which tells her full story of being a Brazilian Wiccan Mom and her Etsy shop Carioca Witch
If you need a good flash of colour to get you all in the mood for Spring...I can't think of a brighter place :o)