Friday, January 28, 2011

Who's in the mood for love?

Hello everyone...I'm a little late this week!
As we have almost reached February I thought it would be nice to show that some of our PAN members have a romantic side...not me of course...miserable old elf me ;O)
So I thought we could have a peek at Linda's little hearts...she acts all grumpy, but we all know she's a hopeless romantic at heart (sorry for the pun)!
Linda makes all sorts of art with her Grandchildren too and out of this fun she lets her imagination go you can see from her ecclectic little creations.
You can see more of Linda's work in her Etsy shop here
Bye for now my little romantics...
Have a lovely weekend...


  1. they are so valentine... I love them.. and cee.. you are more of a romantic then you like to let on...

  2. I adore Linda's wee hearts, but I don't know how pleased she'll be that you're spreading the secret that she is... sweet!

    You're a mischievous (not miserable) elf, Cee!

  3. They are unique, aren't they? And you are right, she might act all grumpy, but there is nothing buy sweetness under that tough skin ;-)

  4. Okay the fun's over now my a vinegar bath. I'm am just that a word? I am thrilled that you liked my little "not quite right" hearts enough to post them here. It was a delight to come here and find a bit of me too.
    Cee: for letting out my guarded secret I'll,,,,,,,,well just you wait and see. As for the three of you Magaly and Danni and Janie...XOXO The Olde Bagg herself, Linda


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