Monday, October 18, 2010

Elen of the ways painting

Elen of the ways, the antlered Goddess.

The latest addition to my websites Pagan page is this 3ft x 2ft acrlic on canvas of Elen of the ways. ( not Ellen of the ways )Elen is the antlered goddess, guardian of ancient trackways and ley lines. She is, so far as I know, the only horned goddess. Her most ancient tracks are the migratory paths of the Reindeer, whose females are the only female Deer to bear antlers, there is the connection. I have chosen Lands end in Cornwall as a place at the western edge of the world which reveres her, it extends across to Mongolia. The setting gives opportunity to portray her at rest before beginning her journeys anew, also to paint arocky landscape and the ocean, I love both. I would be a bit of liar if I didn't mention it's a chance to duck out of painting a face in such small size, that is atask where paintings like this can be ruined. But it also lends mystery to the subject.
I took some months painting this, it's for someone special and never went on public sale. The Choughs, Britains rarest crow is also Cornwalls own national bird it was such a bird that King Arthur is said to have turned into rather than really die. The addition of these birds gives me achance to add valuable non pagan keywords to the text on my site, I cannot afford to depend on the Pagan world's a poor one!


  1. Love that picture - just beautiful.

  2. As a poor pagan myself, I can do naught but lust after your paintings and my dear Seawitch, this one is a beauty. The mythology behind it is interesting as well and is one I'm unfamiliar with. You've inspired me to do some research!

  3. George this has to be my favourite so far!
    The colours are rich and jewel like.
    I bet the recipient absolutely loved her!
    I know I would...and I know what you mean about the pose adding mystery...I think seeing her face would have told too much.
    The breakers are lovely too...I've not tried to paint the sea it difficult?
    Love it :o)


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