Thursday, September 09, 2010

To Art or not to Art that is the question.

Many years ago, in my youth and I might add in my own case confusion, I thought ART was only the disciplines. You know sculpture, painting, writing, etc. I had no idea that life (and a couple of thousand years) would give me a totally different perspective and outlook.

I just love the Eden story but check out the other symbolism

I have a dear friend also an ex art teacher, older than I by a few decades, that's hard to fathom, who is really Old School when it comes to ART. We go to galleries and festivals and gatherings together and she is ever more critical of what is "allowed in" at showings. I on the other hand am comforted by the thought that maybe the snottiness of the ART crowd is mellowing some.

the stones are onyx, the work is from Taxco in it's heyday

Now don't get me wrong, I will not ever say that the mass produced vs one of a kind is totally artistic but I will not ever say that the initial product isn't ART. There's the rub. Can't you just see, say Monet hawking his paintings and prints of paintings in the same venue? Hmmmmmmmm. but then we aren't in the benefactor era any longer either. It is my privilege and honor to associate myself with artists, be they pagan or otherwise and share ups, downs, thoughts, hopes, and mistakes (for them, not so much for me, oh hell yes) and continue to learn from them. I do this on the computer, at the gallery, at a showing, at home with my grands and in my quiet time (if  I can catch some) I am blessed by the encounters.

the women are @ 6" tall, this is exquisite

That is what this aged like a fine wine (which is also an art) old broad has learned along the way. Don't close your possibilities down by preconceived notions of what ART is. And don't let anyone else judge what you do as not being artistic. There's enough of that pile of stuff in other arenas of life. Be free, be productive, be authentic.
this is carved wood, incredible work

And while you're at it, come and see what Pagan Art Network has to offer. We'd welcome your visit.

All the photos in this posting were at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum.


  1. I painted for a while- I still do actually- and thought I had to be photographically perfect for it to be art. I've found that art comes more from my soul and heart now- and I'm glad to be released from the confines I have set for myself.
    Time and experience are wonderful, aren't they?

  2. You sweet olde bagg, are you in cahoots with the moon? This is one of those things I needed to hear right now. I love art for all that it offers us as individuals. I love what art has been, is now and will be.

    Minus the snottiness. Nothing rubs me the wrong way at a gallery, exhibition or show more than an art snob who hasn't quite gotten that just because they don't like it and it's not what painters of x,y,z period would have done, doesn't decrease it's relevancy.

  3. Oh you are a great one Linda!
    I love how you always manage to put your finger right on the button...of course you are totally you always are my dear girl.
    But when you are always testing your own bounderies...which I always feel I must sometimes do need to step back and look at art from a different side.
    You make me step back...thank you my Old Bagg :0)


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