Friday, September 17, 2010


I started this painting a few weeks ago before the infliction of my most recent spate of illness and finally, I finished her. It wasn't until last night when I did so that I discovered her name, Rhiannon.


  1. Nice painting, nice name! I've been delayed by illness too, but I'm coming out of that at last.

  2. Oh you poor poorly pagan pretties! :o(
    Hope you all feel much better!
    Lovely pic don't usually do figures do you Michel?
    Are you over the worst of your illness?
    Maybe your picture is a sign of good things to come? :0)

  3. Thank you, I really hope so... I feel like I've been in a lull where my motivation to create has been at a standstill because on and off it's been one illness after another. I'm taking this as a good sign.

    Figures are really not usually my thing but I just had to paint her. I'm glad you all like her. BB x


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