Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Little Faery Friend Daisy...

Sometimes...from the peripheral get fleeting glimpses of movement...
Many folks pass this off as a trick of the eyes...
Some just think that the imagination is playing tricks on them...
Some just like to lay on the dewy grass and watch the world go by before their very eyes...

It is now officially Autumn...season of mists and mellow fruitfulness...
So why are my little Fae friends still playing in the grass with no vests to keep the chills out?
I have no answer to that one...
As you can see...some of my little ones still hold fast to the notion of freedom without inhibitions...I suppose if you are a Fae then you can get away with it...unlike us giant folks the human beans.

Let me introduce you to Daisy...a pretty little thing...not at all shy...having a morning stretch in the Autumn sunshine...I don't know how she managed to find daisies still in flower though...but let's just call it Artistic License...

She said it was okay to paint her but only from the back...
I'm happy to do that saves having to edit over body parts to be able to post my pictures on here...some folks you see are a little worried about seeing naked things on blogs and I might get into trouble...(although that doesn't usually stop me he he )

Daisy as you may have noticed doesn't have wings...she can fly without I suppose evolution had a hand in that somewhere...much like us.

Well...I just thought that Daisy and I should wish everyone a beautiful Autumnal Equinox...that wondrous time where the world is equal and night and day are even...
If, as you take a lovely Autumnal walk... kicking through the fallen happen to see Daisy...introduce yourself to her...she's a real sweetie...she always smells of blossomy mist...and she would be so pleased to know that you caught a glimpse of her...out of your peripheral vision...


  1. I like the way the use of flowers defines the size of the figure in this!

  2. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for the healing thoughts. It is truly amazing and much appreciated on how many have reached out to me.

    Again, thank you and lots of respect and well wishes to you and your family as well.


  3. Absolutely beautiful.
    I always love your Faeries :)

  4. So lovely to meet Daisy! What a beauty she is. I will be looking for her on my next walk through nature!

  5. I love it! :) the drawing is so delicate!

  6. This is absolutely amazing. It made me want to write about it; a story, I mean. And the profile you put together is just as precious as the image. I REALLY wish to give her a story, if that's okay with you.

  7. Hi Magaly and thank you for the lovely comments!
    Unfortunately I am already writing a story about all of my faeries (I have lots!)which I hope to publish (one day :o)) it may not be a good idea if others write about them too :o(
    I am very flattered by your request shows that I'm not being silly by writing about them in the first place :o)
    Thanks again!


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