Saturday, August 21, 2010

When things go wrong...

Is there anything worse for an artist to be approaching the end of a large and promising work, only to realise theres been mistakes and the pursuit of correction has made matters worse...real or imagined, this is where the issue of a painting becoming overworked can occur.
Sometimes it helps to stop, and get a new canvas...plenty of older abstracts have abandoned fine art below them and I've got a few of those saves the canvas itself.
Point is, I'm feeling very depressed just now, but I won't be doing any Van Gogh stunts....things just aren't bad enough!


  1. Oh no...what happened George?
    You know that I've been there...with my crap paintings...I'm still not sure about that madam no pants...even though I did as you suggested and gave her a thong!
    (Bet that brought a smile to your face eh...?)
    See I know how to cheer a poor miserable artist up!
    Is your pic salvagable at all?
    Maybe you should hide it in a cupboard for a while and come back to it with fresh might look really great then!
    Please don't let it depress's all a learning process...that's what I always tell myself as I paint over my "unhappy accidents"...he he he
    Cheer up just proves that you're a real artist!

  2. I vote with Cee....put it out of sight for just a bit....time or the fairies will help it along so that the next time you view it, you'll have a better eye. Fresh eyes.
    Don't get depressed for goodness sake. You've got so many other things to put your mind to....other beautious wonders to paint. Wishing you well brother. The Olde Bagg


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