Friday, July 30, 2010

The Dark Moon Full

The Dark moon Full

Crowds wait, wishing clouds away
still stands the Sun god, he waits this day it seems
on she comes, unseen this day, unseen last night
on she comes and still they wait.
Anticipation below, her God she touches, contact made from afar.
Two passing equals, skeptics preach, few want to hear,
for on she comes, the faithful wait.
The Sun god calms, creatures of the night stir, creatures of the day retire,
a canine howl gets a cheer, on she comes.
The Sun god darkens, as he receives his Bride, the Diamond ring flares,
gasps below in the dark of the umbra, silence as the Corona bursts
the Sun god tamed by her equality, divine union made.
God and Goddess in the sky, perfect harmony
symbolism displayed for us in OUR time.
On she goes, here he comes.
We are reminded.

Painting 'Divine Union' by Seawitch


  1. I love the poetry and the painting is wonderful. Thank you for your offering. It is blessed.

  2. Very powerful and beautiful poetry. Just magical!
    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and saying hello. Really good to meet you! :-)
    All best fay wishes.
    Jo May.


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