Monday, July 12, 2010

The art of suffering, sharing your talents and surrounding yourself with like minds

I always loved the back stories to the fine artists in my Art Appreciation classes in college. The really great impressionist artist always had such tragedy and angst behind the works they created. So many also flocked together to argue style, technique, subject matter. These artists also congregated to share the spirit of art. They shared the ups and downs of life and their struggles and victories in their art.

I live in New Mexico and there are so many rich stories of the Georgia O'Keefe era artists in their enclaves of creativity. That spirit of togetherness, competition, and commonality is like a tapestry embroidered by discoveries and observations of each of the artist's works.

Now, I am going to include myself in the general term of an artist, although I would consider myself more of a craftsperson, when I say that this venue.....the blogging world has afforded US the very self same comaradery of sharing our talents, trials, tribulations of technique, skill, courage if you will. I find PAN just such a place.

Many different personalities, talents, styles, techniques, interests but one mind of being an artist and being able to be free to express our Pagan views in our art and in our discussions. Thank you all for following this blog, for being members of PAN, for sharing part of your story through the written word, photography, painting, journaling, needlework, sculpture and of course your pagan hearts. Blessings, The Olde Bagg


  1. Linda how can you say that you are not an artist.
    Being an artist isn't just about the things we create...It's deep within your soul that the artist lives.
    You are an artist in every sense because you have a deep soul.
    And I am glad that you are here with us as we go through all of our "artistic tantrums"...hey...A tantrum shared is a tantrum...shared ;0)
    Blessings to you too!

  2. What would the world be without a little imagination and a few tantrums.......theres an artist in everyone.Be it music, the written word or which ever medium......a heart beats within us all as does the passion to fire creativity.
    I love Pan as it mixs at least two of my passions.........i would be a little alone with out you

  3. I agree, I studied art appreciation in college and studied women's literature. I loved the way the artists would get together and the writers even as late as algonquin round table. I would have loved to have been part of a gathering like that wherever I have lived, but, sadly, that doesn't happen anymore. People don't seem to have the same camaraderie today. . . or take the time. Blessings, Janet


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