Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Water, the source

I took this photo announcement from another wonderful caring pagan Hannah at and have chosen to pass it along to you.

I know that all of you are aware of the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the US. If you are anything like me, it disgusts you that greed has once again spit in the face of nature. That millions of beings are being impacted by the loss of habitat and pollution of the source to each of us.....the water. Not just the waters off of the US but the world.

The world became very upset when the volcano in Iceland was interfering with air travel, each of us was impacted by that ash in one form or another...each person on earth. Well, the same is true of the will effect each of us to a lesser or greater degree. WE are all in this together and as pagans we are centered on the core and source. Mother Earth is in need of us.

Out there in bloglandia, there is a grassroots event planned for the New Moon, June 12th. We are asking that all join in and place your hands into water, be it in a bowl, basin, stream, river, pond, or if you are lucky enough the ocean and join so many others who will pray, meditate, intention, cast and just give a damn about healing the water. The power of focused energies is upon us and is urgently needed. Please take this opportunity to help Mother.

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  1. How very true!
    And thank you for passing the message on Linda!
    Let's hope we all helped!


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