Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Solstice and Stonehenge in Red

'Stonehenge in Red'
It's that time of the year again, the longest day sometimes known by the rather modern name of Litha.
The event at Stonehenge is surely the biggest gathering of all in association with it. The best place to be is within the circle, a hard place to get to and I'm sure it helps to be a Druid.
The Druids didn't build Stonehenge as many think, the stones pre-date them by a long way, they merely took what was there and put it to use, and why not.
Tens of thousands gather there in hope of the perfect sunrise and spiritual experience.
I myself have always avoided this, having been to the 'traditional gathering' at Trafalgar Square on new years eve a couple of times, I think it's nice to avoid risking a wet night of noise , impossible crowds, no loos and things only the modern age could bring, like mechanical drumming devices and baton charges.
I have done four paintings of Stonehenge...all are on my Pagan page here , two were requests.
The painting I show here, Stonehenge in Red 2 was destroyed in the post on it's way to west coast USA, it lives on in however. I chose to paint the peace of a day AFTER the solstice, when the crowds are gone, the litter cleared....I will be thinking of those in the crowds when I celebrate with friends elsewhere! Have a pleasant Summer Solstice!


  1. You too George!
    And I know just what you mean about the crowds...I can't bear them...I prefer the mountain top!
    Happy Midsummer sweetheart :0)

    Guess what?...the verification is "boaty" !!!

  2. Hey George...thanks for this beauty blessing today. I am always thrilled to see your work. Each has their own heart...this is a beauty. We have a friend who along with his BIL built to scale a replica of Stonehenge in his backyard. We are invited every year to "party", gather with them...through the years, more people, less spiritual...yeah I get no crowds. I'm like Cee but I have no mountaintop, so I am a hermit of the house.
    Blessed be my friend. The Olde Bagg


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