Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Litha...or...Waiting for the day to begin...

Well...here she is...finished...maybe...
You can read a bit more about my little Fae on my art blog

Strange how she decided to become a Midsummer Faery...
I thought she was going to be waiting for a secret lover perhaps...
Seems she had more important things on her mind...
Although...maybe she's waiting for both!

She's painted in watercolours on A4 paper...from the nude study posted here
I managed to fit her feet in on the scanner this time...:o)

Are you all getting ready for the Solstice?


  1. Well, what to say? I bet I wouldn't kick her out of bed thats for sure!
    I love the choice of butterfly wings here, the 'looking away' stance of the subject is to add mystery and certainly helps to avoid mistakes, I am partial to this route myself...Lovely painting!

  2. I think is stunning and its like she doesnt know we are there and stolen a glimpse.

  3. This fairy is definately at her leisure...and yes waiting. You have done a wonderful capture on the feeling and attitude. She is lovely and relaxed. I love it. The Olde Bagg


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