Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Getting what you paint for...weather working or sods law?

Hi all

For years on end I've had this knack ( magickal skill?) of getting the weather I'm painting, especially it seems if I've got the hump about something too...I've always felt your mood can boost magick that suits.

During August 2004 I was painting the 'Thunderbird Invoked'...we had the wettest August in Britain since records began 600 years earlier.

To celebrate I painted the tiny original version of 'Flooded Field'....

This past few days I've been painting a stormy sky and last night I was driven to anger by persistent noise all night from Blackbirds....now we have a soaking wet night in London, my apologies to those who don't like that, but weather working and Sea Witches are hard to pull apart!


  1. Ah...so it's you George that I should be wagging my finger at eh?
    Actually I am very pleased about the rain as the pollen lays down with it...and we're all suffering here.
    I love the Flooded Field...and thank you for the rain :o)

  2. beautiful paintings :) i was pleased to have the rain did my garden wonders xx

  3. Come over here and paint me some cool weathe Seawitch, it's been blazing hot for the past few weeks. :(

    I am in love with your flooded field painting. It's very calming, I'm particularly drawn to the bird.

  4. Very apropos of our discussion earlier George! Thank you for throwing a different slant on things! Lovely.


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