Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The Sea Witch..a return to sail..

'The Tea Clipper Sea Witch'

It's been may years since I've painted a Sailing ship, so when I got a commision to paint one I experienced a strange fear of the task...a number of paintings started and where finished during the course of this one, for goodness sake it took nearly a year!

Eventually I felt some kind of artists blok had set in and sought advice, this I did on Yahoo answers forum, the response was useful......Fearing my paintbrushes
Whatever, it is now done, joy from the friend it was for, and relief on my part have me eager to get back into this topic, the strange ice is broken.

If the Internet is to be my field, an my website my Gallery, then SOE (Search Engine Optimisation) is a skill worth having and this produced a couple unusual tactics here.

The choice of a ship called 'Sea Witch' makes itself quite clear, but the creating of a small sister painting less so.

House Flag of the Sea Witch
All ships have a House or company flag, and so a small painting of that was produced to be displayed and associated with it. The Howland & Aspinwall company incidentally had an illustrious past and may wield lots of traffic too...time will tell!


  1. its so pretty! I love ships and pirates ajaj

  2. I'm glad you were able to work through your reservations and complete this, it's a beauty of a ship! I've always liked the way you render water as well, it's so.. natural.

  3. Well now are very good with the I expect you will have many new commissions out of this...and so you should!
    I love your ships...if only I could sail one!


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