Sunday, May 09, 2010

Life, the excuse or muse

When approaching a deadline for a project or a commission I am an Aries to the inth degree. I find every reason to put my head against the deadline and push as hard as I can to make it move further no avail, I should add.

I start way too many "new" projects and let the old ones hang around and haunt me, taunt and insult me.

I love every bit of what I do and yet find every excuse in the book and obstacle to place in my path. Other arty friends are at it all the time. Head down, producing and finishing and I am thinking, yeah that's what I should do, but well I'm like the dog Doug in the movie UP......"squirrel" says I and run in another direction.

Now that's not to say I'm not working on crafty things.....with the grandkids.....and teaching others techniques and cleaning up the ensuing messes but really getting down to what I do....well let's just say, it's been awhile. Portrait & Pet photography, silk painting and pottery all have escaped my grasp. But they have been replaced for lack of a better term by Altered mixed media play. Fantasy sculptures. Paper art.

I asked my colleagues (sp) here at PAN if I could take the 9th of every month as my time to post. The reason is because 9 is my lucky life number. Here are some of the career choices that might suit you particularly well if the number 9 is predominant in your chart:
Designer, photographer, politician, lawyer, teacher, healer, statesperson, writer, philosopher, artist.

And more importantly posting on the 9th of every month....I wouldn't forget or put off or excuse or muse on this date. Baby steps people, baby steps. How about you? Is life your muse or your excuse?


  1. 'I start way too many "new" projects and let the old ones hang around and haunt me, taunt and insult me.'
    Oh gosh says this fellow Aries, sounds like me with the UFO's under my bed and around the house.
    I like your topic here, a Mermaid must surely be at home on my list too!

  2. Oh sounds like me, I'm Aries too!! love the pics and thanks for your post x

  3. Thank you both for your Aries good wishes. I was a little hesitate to speak my truth but there ya go....Aries support and I'm good to go....not necessarily in the right direction, just ready to go...tee hee

  4. Mermaids...mermaids...everywhere...and a not a Linda in sight!
    These are lovely Linda...
    I'm so glad you posted on your special day...and now we know that you can't forget it...there are no excuses my gal!
    Are they done in the same way as your mermaid in the bowl?

  5. The amount of unfinished projects and sketched out ideas in my home is astonishing as well. I'm a flighty Aquarius, though, but I'll give you some artist support just the same.

    I'm glad you're picking a specific date to post so you can complete things, I'm looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations.


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