Monday, May 31, 2010

Angels at the ready

I read not long ago in an old book that I found in a thrift store, a wonderment statement for me. In the margin it read, "we are each of us angels with only one wing, there to help each other to move towards their goal".

Without one another to foster our artistic talent, oh we can do it, whatever that it is, but how much sweeter the success when shared with another angel/artist.

We here at Pagan Artist's Network serve that purpose for each other. We are flapping our way along, holding each other up and reaching for our goals. Some members are fine artists, others like myself are dabbling and enjoying it. Won't you come and join us on our journey to ...................? Can we help you flap alittle easier with encouragement and comradery?

I am but one of the group but we all invite you to flap along with us. 


  1. Oh what a great way to look at it :) flapping along together lol theres nothing better than sharing with others success and failures :) i kinda flap along by myself mostly but would love to flap with others x x x

  2. what a lovely quote... I like it.. says so much.. Know you all have been my extra wing many a time...

  3. I'm only too glad to flap along in such good company!


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