Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skyclad...Work in Progress

As this is a very new venture for us all...and we aren't so sure what to do here...
I thought that I would help Seawitch out a bit...and post something too!

I know that for non-arty folks...the way we work must seem a little shrouded in "poncy painter speak"...sorry...but I don't do art-speak so you must forgive my lack of "technical terms" negative space and outside the know the kind of stuff I mean...

So...I thought that it would be nice for us to share with you our Works in Progress...that doesn't mean they'll actually ever be finished...(but it makes artists feel like they are actually working...)

This is the one on my easel at the moment...she's far from finished...but she's playing quite nicely so I'm not sulking too much!
Or throwing those awful artistic tempers about ;0)

For now...but knowing me...she'll end up with a daub (art-speak...sorry!) the wrong place...and end up in The Sacred Glory Hole...with her sisters...

Ah...the life and times of an've got to love them...

Gonzo appears, courtesy of my son...who obviously thinks my pictures could do with some jazzing up!

Sorry for the poor photo...I'll try to take a better one for next time...
But Gonzo looks good!


  1. I think she is looking great...unfinished or not I wouldn't kick her out of bed for sure!
    Lovely figure painting, it's an area I need to improve on, your inspiring me.

  2. You sound just like my Giant naughty boy!

  3. She's lovely! I hope she continues to play nice so we can see her completed.

    And I think Gonzo agrees. ;)


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