Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robin our National Bird

For nearly fifty years the Robin, also referred to as Robin Redbreast has been Britain's National bird.
In 1961 the British branch of the International council for Birds were tasked with the job of selecting a species to hold the title.
They chose the European Robin (different animal to American Robin) which in Britain is a bird to feed from the window sill, and like the Blackbird, there are many people who can feed their Robins from the hand.
Male Robins are great territory defenders, you'll never get many in one garden.
The Redbreast name comes from a time when the word Orange didn't exist in Britain...that word came with the arrival of the fruit that gives the colour (color!) it's name.
I've allowed a tad of licence in this painting made from the birds own colours....the Orange in the painting is heavily backed in Red, the grey a bit more blue than in reality...the object being to balance the birds colours with those of the Union Jacks red white and blue.
It is not the first time I've been here....a number of different paintings were done in the past, a large example exists on my website....Robin that sold quickly and has always received good comments, so I burned the night oil to replace a different painting sold recently.
My new painting is on my website here... 'Robin our National Bird'..

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  1. Very nice. I love that you took the distinctive look of the robin and brought into a new, abstract form.


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