Friday, April 16, 2010

A Question of Mediums and Taste

I want to know, what mediums do you work in? Do you work in paints, clay, charcoals? What supplies do you favor and do you have a favorite brand? Why?

If you work in photography, do you prefer working with film or digital? Do you have a favorite brand of camera or film? Why?

If you work in some other medium, tell us about it.

For me, I am most happy working with the mixed mediums of paper, paints and inks as well as photography. My absolute favorite watercolors are a solid pad that have no name or logo and that I've had for so long I can't remember where they came from. They are getting low as I've used them exclusively in my journalling and paintings and I will be heartbroken when they've gone. I have yet to find another set that matches the texture and color range produced by the dozen colors in the palette.

As for my photography, I shoot primarily in digital although I love the look of film prints. Being fairly young and digital photography becoming all the rage over the past 10 years, the formal photography classes I took as electives in college primarily focused on digital. I would love to work more with film and have every intention of taking my film camera out more often to shoot and experiment. As of right now, I shoot with two Canon Eos cameras, one film and one digital, that I have a few shared lenses for.


  1. I love to work with lots of different mediums. I love photography, digital and analog, I love painting, sculpting figurines, sewing and doll-making, and writing. And I love trying out new mediums!

    I have recently discovered my love for the figurine/art doll sculpting and I've learned that I can use that medium to combine all of my other artistic loves. I can sculpt the doll, make it clothes, paint it, photograph it and write an interesting back story for it!

    I guess I don't really have a favorite brand because I'm usually stuck with buying whatever is cheapest (still a kid, and mom and dad don't have the money to buy me top dollar brands). Although, I am definitely a Kodak girl! I also have this old set of oil paints and brushes that belonged to my grandmother that I just love. I don't use them, but I keep them to admire.


  2. I've traveled through many mediums in my time, but for many years Acrylic on canvas has been my choice, I'm not to fussy about brands, I'll go for fairly cheap to expensive, it seems to depend on my spending mood more than anything else.
    Oils are smelly and toxic as are many things like turpentine you need with them, and they take so long!
    Brushes are more important if I'm to be asked, sometimes you need an expensive blender, other jobs a ragged brush and it's ability not to lose hair in your paint matters most!
    A cheap canvas is out....why do so much work on something thats just a few pounds cheaper than something good?
    Digital photography is best for my needs, photographing art work is different from anything else in that it's so unforgiving, Jasc paintshop pro8 has for years been my editor!
    I also use it to make home made 'tags' from my artwork for social networking sites like myspace & facebook.

  3. Ooh now that is a question...
    My moods usually dictate what I am using...
    I'm very fickle and get bored I have things everywhere in a state of UFO (Un-finished Object)...hoping that when I pass by them I will notice them and actually finish them...
    Thing is...I also have selective hearing...and I manage to ignore them really well!

    At the moment though...I would say watercolour and acrylic paints...and lots of charcoal sketching...I like messy hands!

  4. I love using so many different mediums and experimenting with mixing them all up, lol. That said when I paint I love oils the most and when I draw it's charcoal. When I'm making craft items, little sculptures and things it's very dependant on what I'm making and why but I like recycling materials and objects as much as possible... both because it's cheap and better for the environment :)


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