Friday, April 09, 2010

New Blog for PAN

Well you pagan art it what shall we do with it?
Anyone got any ideas for the style or layout?
Or a really good picture to put up?
Remember...this is for all of let's make it a cool place to never know who might see it!
I know that we're all busy bees but maybe we can arrange for someone to post something regularly...what do you think?


  1. I had a thought that maybe we could all regularly post up what we are doing for each of the days of the wheel of the year calender. Though I know people do this a little differently it might be a nice holding frame for making sure we all get round to putting up communications. Amanda

  2. I am game on anything really.. just glad to see us finally do this...

  3. I'd be willing to post when I'm able, either when I'm working on a project or have finished it. I could probably post once a week or so if needed, since I work with several mediums, including photography and am never without my camera. ;)

    Some things I think would be kind of neat to share aside from the art itself, would be our craft spaces (I always like seeing where people work) and some of the things that inspire us all. Just some thoughts.

  4. I agree with Dani. I like the idea of us not just self promoting but luring others in with the thought that they can contribute as well. I also am a theme person so if it is work spaces one month, best trip to spark your thoughts for creating another, favorite time to create, etc.
    I would like to voluteer, if appropriate to do a posting every 9th of the Month. I have a devious plan. Let me know if it okay with yous guys.
    And huzzah, we've begun

  5. As you can see on my own website and blogs, I like a black background, so i'm bound to say don't change that.
    I think a weekly poll helps the ball to roll.

  6. I've posted the blogsite and the ning site to folks and hope that that will draw some interest and curiousity. And I forgot to say that I love Amanda's idea about the wheel of the year. Would be lovely to keep to that if agreeable to all

  7. Merry meet friends, I love this idea and look forward to seeing some of your lovely art work

  8. I forgot all about the background question until Seawitch mentioned it. I'm content with a black background as well. The only thing we might want to consider is a banner and blog button, so we can share the network on our own blogs. And possibly a section where our blog buttons can be displayed here.

    Linda, you are welcome to the 9th as far as I'm concerned. I can't wait to see what sort of devious plan you're concocting.

  9. Theres a very good sharing faciity to be had...the link you see at the very bottom on my blog page here....
    You can also get a proper Statistics facility like I've got from here.... have fun!

  10. I'm late as usual...
    All these ideas are who fancies doing the banner or buttons?
    Don't all shout at once ;0)
    I'm okay with a plain black background but I'm not sure about the font or colours...any ideas?
    Linda...the ninth is fine by me my lovely...
    I can't believe we've started this...about time eh?...(I know...I'm a big slacker...)

  11. I think some relevant text in the banner is essential for the search engine to find...


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