Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell to a painting..

'Storm Witch'
She hung on my wall for four years or was it five...not sure.
The person who commissioned her had gone broke during her painting, so I was free to change name from 'Harvesting the power' to what I have now....Storm Witch is the top google image result for that name, and I don't care what the German Rock group it's trounced might think!!
The kind of painting I wrongly thought would only appeal to another witch, few of whom are rich enough to buy this, one of my more expensive paintings, she stayed with me, who was not keen to drive a sale as had become rather attached to her also.
She was one of the last to carry my old signature of G.Rix (George Rix) before I changed it to the more expedient Seawitch you now see on my paintings, also, that amount of time on my wall had her pick something unhealthy, a nicotine stained backing and frame, I quit smoking two years ago, she is one of those things that Carry the legacy.....the buyer, a non Witch in Ireland however, was sympathetic as he has the habit himself, and besides, he was a school friend I had shared many a smoke with in those corners of the school that clique gathered almost 40 years go.
She has left my home, having arrived in one piece from her journey through the post, but not without leaving her mark.....the square patch she had partially protected in her time stood out lighter..I've placed another picture over it....farewell Storm Witch, your absence will take getting used to but I needed the money!

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  1. Worth every penny!
    I'm glad she's found a sympathetic home...even though you wanted to keep her...and I understand why you would...she's striking!


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