Friday, April 23, 2010

The Earth Mother

With the passing of Earth Day, my mind turned towards the things I do every day to help protect and care for our beautiful Earth. I spent the afternoon at the park, watching the ducks, enjoying the warm spring sun and the sound of the river splashing by. I also worked on my Grimoire, dedicating a page to my vows to Mother Earth. While working, I sketched my vision of the Earth Mother which I later watercolored.

The experience of painting her was relaxing and felt so organic and free. I am beyond pleased with how she came out.


  1. Niice portrayal of the Earth Goddess Danielle!

  2. You should be very happy with her...she seems so peaceful...with her little animals...
    Like the Earth would be I suppose...if we all behaved ourselves (humans...not artists!)

    I read about her on your blog...and the emotions that went into creating her...she must be very special to you she going in your book or on your wall?

  3. Both. I scanned the original sketch and printed just the outline so it was barely onto watercolor paper, since the paper in my grimoire is a hair too thin to handle paint.

    The watercolor will be framed and hung above my altar space. The sketch in my grimoire will be coloured with pencil and will stay in the forefront of my book.


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