Friday, April 30, 2010

Balance (work in progress)

Hello everyone! With all the random illness that has been plaguing us at the moment there has been little time or motivation for creative endeavours, though I do have some new bits to share with you. As well as an abstract piece that I am working on at the moment, and will post about soon, I began this canvas the other day. It's only sketched out in charcoal at the moment, but you get the idea... it's the God and Goddess in 'Balance' using my view of my patrons Pan and Arianrhod. The sweep of her cloak will go around the bottom with leaves and bits overlapping and balancing the composition. I'm not sure how the faces will turn out... they may end up being featureless as I'm really not that great with doing them but I'll let myself be guided as I paint.

This is the space between their faces. I wanted the background 'energy' of both of them to sort of blend and fuse together. The crisp lines of their portrait have been taped off here as I wanted to sponge the background on, plus I paint with oils which take a notoriously long time to dry, great when I want to rework areas again and again... not so great when I don't. This should be an interesting project for me as I generally work with extremely abstract forms and compositions but so far so good, I'm hoping to get a decent bit of work done on it over the weekend... it seems a very fitting painting to be working on over and around Beltane.

I have also been working on the making of a little faery door out of recycled cardboard and odds and sods from my craft drawer... it's nearly finished and I'll post about that too either here or on my main blog, or both at a later date.

Here's hoping you all have a great weekend and very blessed Beltane x

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Earth Mother

With the passing of Earth Day, my mind turned towards the things I do every day to help protect and care for our beautiful Earth. I spent the afternoon at the park, watching the ducks, enjoying the warm spring sun and the sound of the river splashing by. I also worked on my Grimoire, dedicating a page to my vows to Mother Earth. While working, I sketched my vision of the Earth Mother which I later watercolored.

The experience of painting her was relaxing and felt so organic and free. I am beyond pleased with how she came out.

Friday, April 16, 2010

A Question of Mediums and Taste

I want to know, what mediums do you work in? Do you work in paints, clay, charcoals? What supplies do you favor and do you have a favorite brand? Why?

If you work in photography, do you prefer working with film or digital? Do you have a favorite brand of camera or film? Why?

If you work in some other medium, tell us about it.

For me, I am most happy working with the mixed mediums of paper, paints and inks as well as photography. My absolute favorite watercolors are a solid pad that have no name or logo and that I've had for so long I can't remember where they came from. They are getting low as I've used them exclusively in my journalling and paintings and I will be heartbroken when they've gone. I have yet to find another set that matches the texture and color range produced by the dozen colors in the palette.

As for my photography, I shoot primarily in digital although I love the look of film prints. Being fairly young and digital photography becoming all the rage over the past 10 years, the formal photography classes I took as electives in college primarily focused on digital. I would love to work more with film and have every intention of taking my film camera out more often to shoot and experiment. As of right now, I shoot with two Canon Eos cameras, one film and one digital, that I have a few shared lenses for.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Robin our National Bird

For nearly fifty years the Robin, also referred to as Robin Redbreast has been Britain's National bird.
In 1961 the British branch of the International council for Birds were tasked with the job of selecting a species to hold the title.
They chose the European Robin (different animal to American Robin) which in Britain is a bird to feed from the window sill, and like the Blackbird, there are many people who can feed their Robins from the hand.
Male Robins are great territory defenders, you'll never get many in one garden.
The Redbreast name comes from a time when the word Orange didn't exist in Britain...that word came with the arrival of the fruit that gives the colour (color!) it's name.
I've allowed a tad of licence in this painting made from the birds own colours....the Orange in the painting is heavily backed in Red, the grey a bit more blue than in reality...the object being to balance the birds colours with those of the Union Jacks red white and blue.
It is not the first time I've been here....a number of different paintings were done in the past, a large example exists on my website....Robin that sold quickly and has always received good comments, so I burned the night oil to replace a different painting sold recently.
My new painting is on my website here... 'Robin our National Bird'..

Monday, April 12, 2010

Watercolor, a new medium

The Celtic God, Lugh. 6"x6" watercolor.

For as long as I've been working in two dimensions I have clung to pencils and charcoals, preferring to work up the shadows and blend with the my fingers, or if the piece was large enough, the side of my hand. The times you could find me with gray smudges across my face and up and down my arms were countless.

In college I had a short lived, but still passionate, fling with acrylics, but I found myself still drawn to the more dusty mediums I'd grown up with. I continued in this fashion until I discovered the wonder of mixed media art journalling over a year ago and began to work with watercolors. At first the watercolors served only as semi transparent background color that allowed text and other elements to show through but they slowly began to appear on the pages as focal points and figures. My first painting where watercolor was the star of the show was a journal page depicting Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt and the story of the constellation Orion:

Since that painting, my affection for watercolor has grown. I still consider myself a novice and am constantly trying out new techniques and ideas. Most of my watercolor art has revolved around mythology thus far, but I am looking forward to expanding into landscapes and plant life. Now, if I could just get the hang of leaf cover and water... I suppose I'll just have to keep practicing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Skyclad...Work in Progress

As this is a very new venture for us all...and we aren't so sure what to do here...
I thought that I would help Seawitch out a bit...and post something too!

I know that for non-arty folks...the way we work must seem a little shrouded in "poncy painter speak"...sorry...but I don't do art-speak so you must forgive my lack of "technical terms" negative space and outside the know the kind of stuff I mean...

So...I thought that it would be nice for us to share with you our Works in Progress...that doesn't mean they'll actually ever be finished...(but it makes artists feel like they are actually working...)

This is the one on my easel at the moment...she's far from finished...but she's playing quite nicely so I'm not sulking too much!
Or throwing those awful artistic tempers about ;0)

For now...but knowing me...she'll end up with a daub (art-speak...sorry!) the wrong place...and end up in The Sacred Glory Hole...with her sisters...

Ah...the life and times of an've got to love them...

Gonzo appears, courtesy of my son...who obviously thinks my pictures could do with some jazzing up!

Sorry for the poor photo...I'll try to take a better one for next time...
But Gonzo looks good!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Farewell to a painting..

'Storm Witch'
She hung on my wall for four years or was it five...not sure.
The person who commissioned her had gone broke during her painting, so I was free to change name from 'Harvesting the power' to what I have now....Storm Witch is the top google image result for that name, and I don't care what the German Rock group it's trounced might think!!
The kind of painting I wrongly thought would only appeal to another witch, few of whom are rich enough to buy this, one of my more expensive paintings, she stayed with me, who was not keen to drive a sale as had become rather attached to her also.
She was one of the last to carry my old signature of G.Rix (George Rix) before I changed it to the more expedient Seawitch you now see on my paintings, also, that amount of time on my wall had her pick something unhealthy, a nicotine stained backing and frame, I quit smoking two years ago, she is one of those things that Carry the legacy.....the buyer, a non Witch in Ireland however, was sympathetic as he has the habit himself, and besides, he was a school friend I had shared many a smoke with in those corners of the school that clique gathered almost 40 years go.
She has left my home, having arrived in one piece from her journey through the post, but not without leaving her mark.....the square patch she had partially protected in her time stood out lighter..I've placed another picture over it....farewell Storm Witch, your absence will take getting used to but I needed the money!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Magick with your paint brushes...

Lets not forget we are Pagans and Witches as well as Artist's, why shouldn't we think (know) there's a force in the energy we can build up as we work to direct or have no control over?
As with any self respecting Sea Witch weather working is a forte, and I've certainly had it spill onto the canvas.
During the summer I was working on my painting 'Thunderbird Invoked' we had the wettest August on record, that was in 2004.
I did a small painting called Flooded Field to 'celebrate' it.
Some years later I was painting a work called Hurricane at Sea I painted a lightning strike with intent in mind...and the next day as I worked out on the streets in my day job...unseasonal Lightning, as Witches we don't put things down to coincidence.
That my Father could end droughts by washing his car is his own magick.

New Blog for PAN

Well you pagan art it what shall we do with it?
Anyone got any ideas for the style or layout?
Or a really good picture to put up?
Remember...this is for all of let's make it a cool place to never know who might see it!
I know that we're all busy bees but maybe we can arrange for someone to post something regularly...what do you think?